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If anyone is listening [26 Jan 2011|06:31pm]
I know its been a while, but don't get your hopes up.
This is still Anna, sorry to disappoint. If anyone still checks this journal I'm sure after all this time you would be hoping to hear from Davey but he wont be coming back. As far as I'm concerned ever. He did however ask me recently to check up on his journal and let people know that he's healing. He's better, a lot better and he's currently living in an apartment with a group of friends and working and everything better in his life. He hasn't had anyone particularly special in his life since Gabe. He's dating a nice boy right now and we all approve. He wishes he could come back but he just wants to close this chapter of his life and forget about it because it reminds him too much of Gabe and it took him years and lots of therapy to get over it. 
He wanted you to know that most of all he regrets loosing all of you as part of loosing Gabe
He wanted you to know that he does love you and does care for all of you even though its been years.
He has not forgotten any of you.


PS. please feel free to comment with questions
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Very Sad News [19 Mar 2008|05:40pm]
Hello friends of Davey,

This is Anna one of his closest friends, some of you have met me but some of you havent.
As of 4:30 today Davey is single, he caught Gabe cheating on him and they are no longer together.
Davey is very very hurt and upset and i do not know when he will be back, I am going to stay with him for a while and i will be managing his journal, and RP. The Fic davey promised you is put on hold if not terminated.
The wedding is off and Davey is very broken right now.
Feel free to ask me any questions

All My Love

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[02 Mar 2008|01:12pm]
Post a comment to this entry and I will...

1. Tell you why I friended you.
2. Associate you with something - fandom, a song, a color, a photo, etc.
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
6. Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
7. In return, you must post this in your LJ.
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[02 Mar 2008|12:05pm]

Hello everyone!!

Gabey and I have started writing the fic but we need you to help us just a bit

We have been debating over which event to start our fic on


  1. When my(Davey’s) parents disowned me upon finding out I was Gay.
  2. The first time Gabey and I met.
  3. When Gabey told his parents and they kicked him out and he moved in with me.


We Love You All



Gabey + Davey forever in love

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[29 Feb 2008|08:37am]
Hello loves!

Well Gabey and i have had a few request to write a fic about us
We just wanted to take a quick vote and your thoughs

We love you
and cant wait to hear from you

Gabey + Davey
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[25 Feb 2008|01:45am]
So Gabey and i just came back from Israel
I'll tell you all about the  trip in grave detail when im not falling asleep
now ill just tell you about the flight
Okay so we flew out of Israel
everything was perfect
the flight went by pretty fast
since both Gabey and i fell asleep
quite quickly,
After that we were supposed to have a 4hr layover at  "A City"
to fly us home
This layover turned into a 12hr lay over which made us dead
Our flights where all candled and even when we went to another airport the first flight we wanted to take got canceled and so did the second one
so we flew out 8hrs later then we were supposed to
and instead of going to "City destination" we went to "B City" Although "B City" is really really close to "City Destination" it was still kinda annoying cause we had to go to the airport in "City D" to get out bags but now we are home and i love how im talking about stuff you dont wanna hear right now.
i wonder....
what in the world could u guys want to know about?
Oh Fine!!
Ill talk about the engagement!
So as i had planned in Jerusalam right at the wailing wall i got on one knee and proposed to the love of my life
We talked about it and we agreed that we wont get married till we both have gotten the education we want
Its gonna be quite a long engagement but we dont really care
we have each other and thats all that matters

Davey Havok (Judge): With the power vested in me i now pronounce you. Husband and Husband. Davey you may kiss Gabey.

Davey + Gabey
We Love You All

PS: For anyone who is wondering, yes after we became engadged there was a lot of hot boysex :-D
Love Gabey
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Tehe and lots of gushy mushy stuff [09 Feb 2008|10:51pm]

Okay so for any of you who know me you knowi am a boy and I have a beautiful boyfriend names Gabey, he is currently curled up asleep snuggled into my side and I assume he won’t have access to the internet till we get back. I am taking my sweet Gabey to Israel for out 1 year anniversary and proposing to him there. I hope he doesn’t see this entry before it happens. We are leaving tomorrow very early for two weeks and I just hope he says yes. I love him with all my heart. I will see you all in two weeks my loves!






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My lovlies Check this out! [01 Feb 2008|08:38pm]
ginsengdrummer is a very talented writer
However, i feel as though her work is under appreciated
She has a lot of different pairings and ones she doesnt she will be happy to write
Check our her work!!
You wont be sorry!!
its hot, sexy, and awesome.

Gabey + Davey
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[25 Jan 2008|06:12pm]
This entry was written by skelterellax  and for anyone who agrees please repost this:
In light of Fred Phelps' extremist, homophobic, racist hate movement (most recently planning to have his cronies picket Heath Ledger's memorial and funeral), I'm joining the opposing party to do my small part in destroying their disgusting tyrade. With such statements as:

  • 'God Hates Fags'
  • 'God Hates Fag Enablers'
  • 'Thank God for AIDS'
  • 'Thank God for 9/11'
  • 'Thank God for Dead Soldiers'

So to start with, a photo that depicts child members of the WBC, who are clearly being both brainwashed and exploited by their parents into hateful displays of total public insanity. What chance do they have to become decent human beings when they are only taught to discriminate and torment people by a religious sector that preaches false Christianity, basing it only on God's hatred of almost everybody.

By deliberately misinterpreting the Bible, Fred Phelps has managed to again give people a reason to hate Christianity when really most Christians are appalled by his ranting.

Brain washing!



My thoughts:

i have no words
This is actually happening and its so unreal
However and unfortunately i can believe this
I am a gay boy named Davey [Although you already know this its for anyone reading who doesnt]
I was disowned by my parents when they found out i was gay and yet i am still Gay and proud.
I have a boyfriend who loves me and i love him.
Love is not a sin and it could never be a sin, Love is love no matter what.
There will always be hate and there will always be people trying to prevent love because they are afraid of it.
Love is an emotion too strong for humans to perceive and after they have embedded in their brains that Romantic Love is one between only a man and a woman people cant except other forms of romantic love.
There will always be hate but we cant let the hate bring love down.
 I didn't and i had all the right to give up and blow my brains out but i didn't and I'm so happy i didn't because that would mean hate over powers love and thats not right.
if i did i wouldn't have had an amazing boyfriend whom i love with all my heart and forever.
So for all the haters out there Stop hating and start loving.
Because love will win in the end
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I steal!!!!!!!! lol [12 Jan 2008|04:17pm]
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Lol i guess i am gay [29 Dec 2007|12:17am]

Should you be MALE or FEMALE?*
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Female

Being mostly female by thought, a good thing in many ways: By definition it means that you are more creative, and sensitive towards your environment, enabling you to express yourself freely.








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VERY VERY IMPORTANT [26 Nov 2007|09:17pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Hello my lovlies!
For everyone that has been reading my fics im really sorry for the uber long updates i just  cant write! gaa writers block curse thee!
ok now to my point
I have joined a role playing community here: http://community.livejournal.com/burbank_prep
here is the link for application submision
If you are interested i would love to have u
i am Frankie so for all of my Ferard Fans that could be fun!
Guys we only have 10 people and so far no Geebear
we need more just cause its funner that way
if you don't wanna join could u please spred the word pwease!
I love you all dearly and will try to update soon.
I am staying home 2marow with fever
grr i hate flu!
you guys occupy my heart 4ever
if you have any Q ask me as a comment




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My oh so sucky poetry [25 Nov 2007|06:01pm]

I’m not in the mood for shit today

just leave me alone

hang up the phone

cut the cords and disconnect me

leave me here

inside the machine

the the oxygen mask

attached to the life line the life

line that was cut so long ago

so why cant u just cut me off

leave me here

forget the fact that I exist

forget that sad and salty kiss

forget me

cut me off again and leave me like you did my friend

Forget about the pain I knew

forget about the shit that’s through

forget about the skin, the burn

forget about the sharp red fern

forget about the roses white

forget what you didn't  do say last night

forget me now forever still

I am not now and wont be here

So cut me off and disconnect me

Kiss me kill me don’t correct me

I like how wrong I feel today

Glimpsing at the light of day

so let me sleep and let me fall

let me kill

and let me kiss

thous sharp and poison ridden teeth

let me die in here today

as comes in the light of day

let me sleep forever more

I wont back down until the war

is over still

in the mask the oxygen

I'm killed by gas

the magic spray

works quick and fast

then at last

the thought will pass

the cord will break

the noose is tight

good bye sweet day

good bye dark night.

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:D I stole this from blackeyedwicca [25 Nov 2007|12:11pm]
In 2007, blaqk_wings resolves to...
Find a new gackt.
Buy new stolen babies.
Spend less time on afi.
Apply for a new metric.
Go to the peaches every month.
Admit my true feelings to blaqk_wings.
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On the twelfth day of Christmas, blaqk_wings sent to me...
Twelve ginsengdrummers drumming
Eleven xdoyoufalltooxs piping
Ten muse87s a-leaping
Nine slash_whore_xds dancing
Eight i_am_the_brokens a-milking
Seven feebzluvsfranks a-swimming
Six hellsmyhomes a-laying
Five fa-a-a-all_lnto_yous
Four misermobs
Three peaches
Two stolen babies
...and an afi in an a textbook tradgedy.
Get your own Twelve Days:

Joy to the world,
The Havok is come.

Joy To The World
from the Christmas Song Generator.

Get your own song :
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[23 Nov 2007|11:21am]
Authors Notes: Hey guys! this was a writing sample i did when trying out for frankie in a roleplaying community. I really liked it and decided to post it. If u guys like ill write more. LOVE U ALL.

"I didn't care anymore. I wasn't going anywhere and the tears that I was holding back wouldn't listen. I had given him my everything that fucking bastered. He didn't do this to me...he just couldn't. He told me words of love just a day ago, told me there was no one else from the beginning. He breathed life into me. Lifted me from my ashes, dusted me off and to think I was going to...FUCK! I was going to fucking propose to him tomorrow...he could do this to me." thought Frank as he ran, he ran not knowing where he was going, leaving a tearful trail behind him. In every step there was an ocean in every breath there was a bit of his soul escaping. He was breaking, crumpling from the inside out." Jade was all I had, all that kept me alive I am nothing without my Jadey. He isn't mine anymore, he's not my Jadey, not...my...Jadey." It toke a moment to sink in before Frank stopped running and just sat there, it was the middle of the night and he was no where, he had been running for longer then he realized, he sat down and lent against a building. He didn't know what it was nor did he care. He needed Jade so badly and as he closed his eyes he relived it. Every moment, every world, every touch that wasn't meant to be.


"Hey baby"

"Hello Frank"  said Jade turning away from the kiss and trying to keep any emotion that could emerge out of his voice.

"Is something wrong sugar?" Frank asked thinking this was all a joke and that Jade was just being Jade and would soften up soon.


Frank looked close to tears at this outburst.

"I am sorry Frankie, I should not have yelled. Sit down OK?" said Jade motioning towards the couch.

Frank did what Jade said because he knew something was going on, Jade never yelled at him...ever.

"Frankie, listen we really need to talk about. U-us." said Jade in a small voice almost recorded as a whisper.

"Jade...NO! please no, don't do this to be Jadey. Please Jadey I will do anything for you, Jadey I love you!"

Jade sighed and inhaled deeply looking at Frank who was holding back the tears that had formed in his eyes.

"Listen Frank, I just don't love you anymore. I wanted to do this earlier but I never had the courage to. I am so sorry Franks, so sorry.

When Frankie stood up he had realized the sun was just about to rise but it was still dark out. His head hurt like nails had just been hammered into the back of his skull and his whole body ached. He stood up and brushed himself off. He ignored the pain, because he was feeling numb inside. He was feeling torn and out of place. He needed coffee. He looked up and saw a small cafe across the street and headed for it. He was hallow. Hallow and numb. He walked across the street ignoring his surrounding's. Nothing shone anymore, there was no beauty that he had so marveled at before. The graffiti no longer seemed like art and the stars no longer shone as diamonds. He opened the cafe door and walked into a dimly lit space. The walls had once been painted black, before it started chipping and the tables where once Red before they began to crumble. Frank walked over to the register.

"Hello! Are you ready to order?" said a perky waiter who at the moment was irritating Frank to wits end.

"I'll have a Mocha" Frank answered as coldly as he could.

"Do you want whipped cream on that?" said the waiter seeming to not understand how annoyed Frank was with her.

"Whatever" Frank said not caring he threw a 10 on the counter "keep the change"

As he turned to find a seat he saw a man looking at him. And when the mystery man caught Franks Gaze he nor looked away neither looked phased at the slightest. Frank, shortly after examining the stranger realized it was Pete, Peter Wentz. "It wasn't the Pete he knew though, it was a different Pete. His eyes weren't cocky or sure of himself. His eyes where scared and hurt and they where not Pete's eyes. He was glowing. He was the only thing that was still beautiful in my eyes." thought Frank." Before I knew it Pete had walked over to me and wrapped his arms around my neck. I didn't know what to do. did I really look that bad? I hugged him back and after a little bit he let go but he did more for me then I will ever let him believe. He was my angel.
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Nothing ever Changes 1/? [23 Nov 2007|09:58am]

Simply sitting in my room

There was nothing left for me

Day and days where passing by

There was nothing left for me

I just sat there and moved with the day

Moved in their rhythm

Never straying from the path I have perfected

Never changing

Never choosing

Never breathing out of beat

Never stepping out of pace

Never again Frankie

But forever Frank

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Nothing ever Changes 2/? [23 Nov 2007|09:23am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Waking up sobbing was nothing new for me. It would happen regularly. I missed him, oh how I missed him. I missed his gentle touch, his soothing words, and his love. I missed how he would wrap his arms around me and not say a word, he would know… *sniffles* When I needed him. When I would cry he would hold me, and lull me like a small child and I lived for him. Lived for his presence, lived for his love, lived and loved him. I remember our first kiss it was rushed and awkward and daring. He kissed me.




“How much longer Gee?” Gerard never thought he could hate a question as much as he did this one.


“Mikey if you ask me that again I’ll…I’ll…” Gerard said in a slightly frustrated tone.


“You’ll what Gee?” Mikey asked with a smirk. “Cant think of a threat?”


“You know what shut fuck up! Or ill turn this car around or better yet leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere!” yelled Gerard


Mikey pouted and turned away from Gerard. Gerard knew it was easy to make his brother cry and any form of yelling was bound to do it.


 “Aw Mikes don’t be that way I didn’t mean to yell.” Gerard quickly remembered Mikey’s fear of being alone and regretted threatening him with it.


Mikey turned towards Gerard with a tear streaked face still pouting. No matter how many times Gerard had tried to deny the fact that he loved his brother as more then just a brother it has never worked. Gerard just learned to except this and live with it. Mikey just looked so fragile. Gerard silently drove to the side of the road and stopped the car. He knew this place really well and would come here when he needed space. Sure it was an hour’s drive from the city but it was his only escape. He got out of the car motioning Mikey to do the same but Mikey refused to get out of the car.


“Mikes come on! Please! I wanna show you something you know I would never leave you alone.” Said Gerard in a low whisper.


At this Mikey opened his door to the waiting Gee and practically fell into his arms. Gerard had never seen Mikey cry like this especially since he knew Gerard would never fallow through with any of his warnings. Then it occurred to Gerard that this had been the first time he had ever raised his voice on his brother. Gerard wrapped his arms around Mikey and softly whispered in his ear. “Shh Mikes, I’m sorry I yelled.” At this Mikey started to cry even more, sobbing into Gerard’s shirt. Gerard grabbed Mikeys hand and pulled him close softly kissing the top of his head. “Come on Mikey don’t be like this.” Gerard whispered into Mikey’s hair. After about ten minutes Mikey started to calm down.  Gerard noticed this too and softly nuzzled into Mikeys hair. “Fallow me, OK?” asked the older brother.

At this Mikey nodded and detached himself from his brother but still held a tight grip on Gerard’s hand. Gerard noticed this and gave Mikeys hand a light squeeze. Gerard started to walk towards the meadow and after a little bit of walking they reached a small shack. Gerard pulled out a key from his pocket and opened the door. What Mikey saw was a bit like Gerard’s room back home. The walls where lined with doodles and drawings of monsters and ghosts. Behind the posters and paintings he noticed black chipping paint. There was a small bed in one corner and a ton of comic books. Soda cans and chip bags lined the floor.


“What is this Gee?” asked Mikey softly still sniffling.


“This is my escape; no one can bother me here. I needed somewhere where I could be alone, and I wanted to share it with you. I wanted to show this place to you.”


“Gee, I don’t know what to say…” whispered Mikey in awe as he walked over to Gerard and wrapped his arms around his older brother’s waist. “ I hope what I want to give you will be as amazing as your gift.” And with that Mikey leaned in and kissed his older brother on the lip.    


I quickly got up realizing that if this memory was dwelled on it would kill me. It would slowly eat away at my heart and soul so I did not except it. If he had died it would have been easier even though I should not think this it wouldn’t cause me this agonizing torment, and dread. He was alive and far away from me. Mikey had made it so clear that he did not want anything to do with me nothing.




“Gerard we need to talk, it’s really important.”  Mikey was rather pale that day more so than usual. He was in endless thought and Gerard had even caught Mikey debating with himself aloud. Gerard knew something was wrong when his younger brother turned away from a kiss and was very cold to Gerard the entire day.  


“Mikey, baby, is something wrong?”


“Yes! Gerard something is wrong! We are wrong! We shouldn’t be like this, this is not normal Gerard! Gerard this is over I don’t love you and I don’t think I ever have! I only thought I loved you, it was my imagination Gerard! No one could ever, ever love you! Your sick and worthless Gerard I hate you! I never want to see or hear you ever again so could you please just leave me alone Gerard! Just leave me the fuck alone! Is that so hard? Don’t you understand? It’s so simple, I need you to get out of my life so I'm helping you I’m getting out of yours and I need you to stay out! I need my space and my life back Gerard! You killed me, slowly and painfully killed me and I am done! All you have ever done is cared for me, loved me, been there and I don’t want that! I need you to stay away Gerard and yes that is coming from the heart I have been thinking and I need my space and I mean it!  


That was the last time I ever saw Mikey in person. I had fallowed as he wished and kept my distance. It hurts but if it’s what he wants then that’s his right. I will never find someone like him that I fully comprehend but maybe I need the exact opposite of him. Maybe I need someone that will truly love me for me and who isn’t my brother. All I know is I need someone…Or maybe I just need to be alone?

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Nothing ever Changes 3/? [23 Nov 2007|09:19am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

“Sleep will not come to this tired body now
Peace will not come to this lonely heart
There are some things I'll live without
But I want you to know that I need you right now
I need you tonight”

I had awoken to the familiar song that had rid me of slumber for many years now. It has always been this song, never anything else. I never wanted to hear anything else in the morning. This was my reason to get up. Music. This song had always reminded me about Linda. How much I needed her and how much I missed her. If I played this song at any other time in the day I don’t know how I would take it. When listening I need to be alone, this is my song. It surprises me how protective I can be over simple things like music. I know that this song has been heard by thousands of individuals and they believe that it belongs to them. Yet the only people it truly belongs to is the band. Every morning would be the same for me. Over analyze everything I do then be late for work because of it but never more then two minutes late. My boss never seemed to mind, he always had a soft spot for me. I worked at a book store or so it was called. This store was huge and sold everything from books to video games. I worked at the music department and would usually be stacking or organizing CD’s. Not many people approached me during the day. Maybe because I preferred to work in the back room so I would not have to talk to anyone. I arrived to work as usual two minutes late. Walking over to my locker I saw a note pinned to it.

Come to my office as soon as you get in.

Brain Berns

OK. Stay calm Frankie I reasoned with myself. It can’t be anything bad. It’s probably a good thing; he wants to give you a raise. Yes that’s its Frankie, your getting a raise; you’ve worked so hard you deserve a raise. I told myself calming words as I walked towards the office of my boss and hesitantly knocked on his door.

“Come in!” Boomed my boss.

“You wanted to see me?” I inquired quietly.
“Oh! Yes Frank sit down!” said the jolly looking man. Brain never looked scary nor was ever a harsh boss. He actually understood me very well and even though we weren’t close when ever he would come down to the work room he was good company. He had a sweet grin plastered across his face as he started to talk.

“Now calm down Frank, this isn’t bad new or good news just something I need you to do.” Instantly Frank calmed down. “You know the back part of the store, ummm what is the name of it again?” inquired the boss rhetorically. “Oh that doesn’t matter you know the section I am talking about. The section you spend a lot of your time in during your brakes.” Frank knew exactly the section his boss was talking about and recognized the fact that he knew what his boss was talking about with a slight nod and a smile. “Well Jade who was working that area has quite and I was wondering if you’d mind taking over. This will only be for our second shift since Davey has got it covered till then. I know you don’t much enjoy dealing with customers but that area doesn’t get a lot of whiney little kids looking for Hannah Montana albums so that’s a bonus. I really do feel bad for giving you this job. It will mean a raise!” said Brain with a hopeful smile. “So what do you so?” I looked up at Brain for a second and saw that hope that glistened in his eyes.

“Don’t worry Brain. I can cover until you get another employee to work that shift OK?”
Brain smiled wider then he already was if that was even possible. “Thanks Frank you are a life saver.”     

“Well I had better be getting back to work Brain. Thank you for the raise and the job.” I smiled and walked off. He wasn’t only smiling at the fact that he had just gotten a raise not that the pay was shabby it was actually very descent. Closing up gave him some extra cash and so did baby-sitting on the weekends. I was happy how I handled that situation. It was my first real conversation in four months. I was very proud of myself. With a smile I headed down for the work room to start my oh-so-boring day.

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[21 Nov 2007|09:58pm]


or this


or this

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[11 Nov 2007|07:52pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I am so sick of this
i have no idea whats going on
everytime i think about her  i start to cry, im just sobbing and i dont know why
i dont know anything anymore
im so confused
I hate hurting her but i am hurting so much and i dont know y
i am practicly sobbing
last time she called i practicly started hyperventalating and i dont fucking know why
i hate this
sooo much
i dont know what to do
i dont know
i am so fucking scared and confused and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
i just need a hug
soo bad
its not even funny
i dont know what i need
maybe i just need to shut up
need to leave everyone alone
i end up hurting
and i dont know why
i dont know anything
i am sobbing now
as im writing this
and i dont fucking know why
i need an mirical
i need something
something that i dont even know
im so stupid
i feel so stupid
a and frustrated because i cant understand anything anymore
i wish i was never born
i need a hug

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